Christianity versus Islam in the agnostic world.

It’s beyond religion.

If it was only a matter of religion, their manner of devotion would not influence my life. If it was only religion, their dogma would remain self-contained and exist “amicably” within the structure of liberal western culture.

As an atheist, I frankly wouldn’t give 2 farts more about Islam than I would Christianity.

But it’s more than a matter of religion.

Much more.

It’s because it is more than religion that the reasonable disclaimer “not all Muslims are violent” or “not all Muslims hate Christians (or Americans)” doesn’t matter. In human society, religion encompasses all manners, all layers of existence and social structure. Religion collectively shapes and molds society. Religion is the benchmark of a society’s values and tolerances and expectations of the individual’s role in the collective body of community. Religion shapes and defines society, even to non-believers. I dare atheists to argue that our human culture is not indelibly molded and infiltrated by the ancient strains of religion stretching back thousands of years.

Religion is us; we are religion.

In fact, atheists spend a good portion of their whiny days complaining about the ubiquitous presence of religion in our society. ‘Tis how it is, my atheist friends. Religion is the spine of society. It dictates our mores and priorities in measures that might have nothing to do with “God,” per se.

So if this was only about God, or about Allah, I don’t think I’d care.

I wish we would re-frame the timeless clash between Christianity and Islam in a more accurately complex framework than the simplistic duality of religion versus religion. It’s not Islam, it’s the values and outlook that religion denotes for a society.

The Islamic world view is fundamentally unable to coexist in a historically Christian society, and vice versa. The values it imbues in its adherents are alien concepts to the individualistic traits bestowed by Christianity. The nature of society conferred by a predominant Islamic presence are readily visible to those of us viewing from the “outside.” I stress this, without judgment, for that is the advantage of being an atheist: who knows which religion is more virtuous, more emblematic of holy human nature. Which religion embraces, rewards, and perpetuates the highest and most lofty levels of humanity?

Who knows? That’s a judgment call, for all calls are ultimately judgment-based when you’re an atheist. But I will say that Islamic society is disruptive and harmful to existing Western Christian society and it does not belong there. If Islam stayed in Islam instead of spreading like a dogmatic cancer, voraciously infecting the cells of Western society and creating havoc and disorder, the dynamic would be much different. Islam is fine for Islamic countries, but it has no business trying to embed itself in the Christian West where it does not belong.

But that is what is happening.

Sure, I’ll give you this: not all Muslims are bad. Of course not. This is a quaint truism that can be used to rebut all stereotypes, but the fact remains that religion is a collective mindset, a cultural movement that rises beyond the individual’s place in amorphous society. Religion steers behavior, over time. Behavior does not cause religion. You might have 998 Muslims out of 1,000 who are law-abiding, non-violent neighbors, but the same cannot be said of their religion. The more prevalent Islam becomes in the West, the more it will monstrously draw its adherents into a mission of usurpation. The followers of Islam, like all religions, will become robots chanting the underlying tropes of the religion.

The West is actively, self-destructively, importing Islamic minions from all over the world and our domestic bleeding-heart idiocracy  revels in the virtuous and globalist nature of their one-world, diversity agenda.

“Muslims are just like us,” they beam.

Yes, that Muslim is just like you, but that Muslim’s religion is assuredly not.

And that religion, the antithesis to the fruitful, liberal Western existence you love and indulge in like the hypocritical Marxist hedonists that you are, will perish at the hands of the religion that invaded you with non-violent people who were “just like us.”

Enjoy your last sputtering moments in the sun, Western scum.


Embrace your new god.