The meta nature of “stereotype.”

Aw, give it up.

Don’t demean those of who use them freely and guiltlessly. Many of us use them with gusto!

In fact, you are one, I am one; everyone is one. You pretentiously play the virtuous saint, castigating the use and indulgence in this word, a word which defines each and every one of us regardless of your affront.


To live, to breathe, to think as a normal human being does, is to be a stereotype. We are all stereotypes, and recognition of stereotypes in this society is a healthy, objective mode of analytical thinking. In trying not to be a stereotype, guess what? You are in fact fulfilling a stereotype by virtue of your self-conscious display of liberty and free will from our uptight, regimented culture.

Keep up that dream.

“Oh, I’m so edgy, I’m so independent. I’m unique. I’m not a stereotype!”

Your deliberate effort to stand apart tells me you are fulfilling the stereotype of annoying individualist, an affliction that tends to predominate in teenagers and celebrity types.

Ironically, the most unique display of individuality in today’s social media-enhanced attention whore society is to be absolutely normal and mundane. To be a predictable stereotype.

I say be the stereotype you want to be. You undoubtedly are a stereotype. If you must be a stereotype, you might as well be the one you choose. There is no other choice.