Abrams Tank in 2020.

So now this disgusting cow wants to be President.

The newest twist in American politics is that now everybody, and their deadbeat uncle, thinks the Oval Office is fair game. Celebrityzation of the highest office in our land is now complete.


On Monday, Abrams tweeted that a presidential run next year was “definitely on the table.” Her tweet was meant to clarify an earlier interview at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, in which she’d discussed her book Lead From the Outside with PBS “NewsHour” reporter Yamiche Alcindor and mentioned a years-old spreadsheet that lays out her life goals ― including a presidential run at the “earliest” in 2028.  

“20 years ago, I never thought I’d be ready to run for POTUS before 2028. But life comes at you fast,” Abrams clarified in her tweet hours later.