Man’s face minced on NYC subway. The news media has colors, many colors, but not the one that matters.

John Kramer did what people do on subway platforms.

He brushed against someone.  For heaven’s sake, man, subways are busy, chaotic and mad, especially during rush hour.  The implication being that if you entertain any delusions of personal space, you best check that little hang-up at the subway portal.  You aren’t getting any personal space here, buddy;  in fact, you’ll actually be required to surrender personal space while riding the subway.

So Kramer, 34, had the misfortune of bumping into the wrong person yesterday.  Done near got himself killed.


Police are searching for the attacker who slashed a man in the face after an accidental bump on a subway platform in Manhattan Thursday. 

It happened just after 4 p.m. at a crowded subway station at 125th Street and Lexington Avenue in East Harlem. 

34-year-old John Kramer bumped into another man on the platform, who then pulled out a sharp object and slashed him. 

Kramer said he was slashed across his forehead and behind his left ear. Cell phone video showed him on the platform, badly bleeding and in shock. 

“We bumped into each other and he grunted at me,” said Kramer. “He lunged at me with the knife in his hand. He stabbed me in my forehead, stabbed me in my ear.” 

The call triggered a large police response after the suspect fled the station and escaped. John was rushed to St. Luke’s Hospital where he was treated and released. 


I personally believe that the grunt tells us all we need to know about the suspect.  Just “personally” speaking.   That grunt tells us what the news media won’t.  The media is too busy stroking the New York City Chamber of Commerce’s PR bone.


Overall, crime in the New York City transit system is rare. Although robberies and assaults happen, there are just six crimes a day on average, in a system that carries six million daily riders. 


Well fine.  The least the news could do is report the facts thoroughly but it seems that in addition to covering NYC’s ass, they also seem intent on covering the ass of implicated races.

You want color?

We got color, bitch.


The suspect is described as a man in his 30s, wearing a black jacket, orange hoodie and blue jeans.


Pretty detailed description of clothes.  Which can be removed and changed on the fly.