Aztec justice follows wifely misbehavior in Iowa.

Though I would never condone such a thing, or to be even remotely capable of  such a deed, I can’t say I blame Todd Mullis for what he did to his wife, Amy, after discovering a series of extra-marital affairs she had indulged in.


An Iowa man has been accused of fatally stabbing his wife with a corn rake after learning she had a couple of secret affairs, with the victim leaving notes warning that he might kill her.



Amy Mullis, 39, has been found dead on Nov. 10 at her farm about four miles northwest of Earlville. Authorities initially said that the woman has been fatally injured in a fall, with her husband Todd Mullis telling 911 that no one had seen what happened.

But the initial suspicion of an accident has been ruled out in December after an autopsy showed that the woman had six puncture wounds and listed the manner of her death as homicide.

Police now formally charged Mullis with the murder of his wife. Investigators told People that the woman was concerned that her husband could kill her due to their marital problems. “You’ll know Todd did something to me,” she allegedly told one friend.

Mullis told the police that their son found his wife impaled on the corn rake and that he removed it and started driving her to the hospital, where she was later declared dead.

According to the outlet, authorities learned that the couple, who had three children, has been experiencing marital problems and the woman was caught cheating with another man.


The self-destruction of a modern American marriage had reached a point where rescue was impossible.

Nothing to be salvaged from the kernels of a dead union.


In the run-up to her death, their relationship went from bad to worse and they stopped sharing the same bed. Last summer, the woman was caught with another lover.

Delaware County Sheriff’s Office spokesman said the second lover was interviewed and said the woman was “scared to death” of him. “If he catches me, he might make me disappear,” she allegedly said.


Todd Mullis slipped into a sinister torment of retribution. He went medieval Mesoamerican barbarian on Amy.


The husband also allegedly researched his murder, searching for “organs in the body,” “killing unfaithful women” and “what happened to cheating spouses in historic Aztec tribes,” according to the police.


As I said, I don’t condone, but can a man be blamed when his masculinity is torn from him and shredded by the developmentally stillborn immaturities and cruelties of a woman?

Personally, my advice to Todd would have been to leave his wife, to distance himself from the toxic cloud of his failed marriage and most importantly, not to throw his life away on deranged vendetta’s. Now he has lost his liberty and his children.

Still, can one blame him? I believe there is a class of crimes in which the act is understandable but the import of the crime should not go unpunished.


The Aztecs knew.


Adultery was a capital offense for the guilty couple and for those who were aware of the offense and failed to report it. Men were punished for adultery only they had relations with a married woman. Married women were considered guilty regardless of the circumstances of the marital status of their lovers.