“Dissenter” – Gab’s new commenting tool that acts as a “forum diaspora.”

The dissident right naysayers over at Gab have designed and implemented Dissenter, a quasi-forum that poses as an appendage commenting section to any URL you choose to comment on. You are thus allowed to “comment” on any story (granted, only to other Dissenter members) that you would otherwise be unable to comment upon due to lack of membership or closed comments, or because you just don’t want to participate in that’s site’s dynamic.

It’s rather clever and very entertaining.

Think of it as a regular internet forum that engages as a Dissenter comment section linking back to said stories’ or articles’ URL. All your comments are housed within the structure of Dissenter’s diffuse forum so you will find that almost all Dissenter comments tend to be very conservative, and if you enjoy the occasional echo chamber vibe (which I certainly do), you’ll find a welcoming home here.



If you are a Gab member you can use your normal credentials to log into Dissenter and an extension is offered for various browsers…a “1-click” Dissenter commenting tool.  If not, application for membership is easy.

Check it out. This alternative platform of a discussion forum disguised as a centralized commenting tool has lots of potential.

**Not a paid advertisement!