Caramel has a toll, too.

So there’s this chick with 4 names.  Her name goes on and on, it seems.

Alicia Marie Claire Ashley


Anyway, she was drama-whoring it up on Facebook. She’s apparently White and her choice in men doesn’t indicate a very refined filtering mechanism.

Don’t believe me?



Anyhow, in the Facebook post linked above, she tells us,


So for the past 2 and half years I’ve been threw more shit then I’ve ever been in with anyone ! I’ve been spit on, choked, called down to my lowest, cheated on, and beat up even when I was pregnant but enoughs enough for me and I’m done now so if you choose to involve your self with Dolla Sign this is what will happen to you. Stay clear from him he’s nothing but a women beater and a cheater and a junkie . Stand up for ur self ladies don’t let a man do this to you !


Lazy misspellings aside, it’s obvious her physical abuse has finally pushed her over the edge and public retribution is her last resort.

Until she runs back to her tormentor because they all go back. I don’t have much faith in the female species and Alicia doesn’t appear the type to phenomenally prove me wrong.

Especially when considering the important fact that “Dolla Sign” fulfills other…expectations in this standard drama of the vacuousness of modern women.


Presumed innocent cause women would never publicly lie about this kind of thing, right?


Coal comes in many shades. Burn the coal, or melt the caramel…the end result doesn’t differ much.