Predictabilities of the Oscars Lefty-spew (or, how to make 3 hours fly by).

Well, for better or for worse, I shrugged off the drinking bit a few years ago.  I don’t buy the “alcoholism as a physical disease” school of thought, but I do very much believe in gradations of alcohol abuse, from the most innocuous periodic over-indulgence to the deadly persistent form of constant inebriation that literally destroys a body before our eyes.

In my boozy heyday, I fell into the latter category.  Alcoholism is a personality disorder and is hereditary insofar as dysfunctional personality traits are concerned.

I tangent-ialized there;  apologies.

Bottom line, is I don’t drink any more, so it is with a trace of yearning (that never goes away, don’t let them tell you otherwise) that I fondly recall drinking games.  Drinking alone was fun for me, as it is for every alcoholic, but drinking in groups amidst the frivolities of boozy games was pretty damned engaging, too.

Earlier, in the midst of pre-Oscar hoopla (this is a company town and the event carries a special home-grown glow about it), I thought of an appropriate drinking game for tomorrow night’s “festivities.”  It’s the only thing that could make such a dreary procession of egos and artificial posturing tolerable.  Who can sit through this glamor rubbish for 3 hours in a sober state?

Given the trajectory of Hollywood and its leftward creep in recent times, I suggest a fine drinking game would be one in which contestants take a swig (standard 1.5 ounces of alcohol) of said beverage each time someone on stage, camera center, makes a statement that:

*disparages President Donald Trump, his family, or his administration

*praises the worship of ex-President Barack Obama

*praises the virtuosity of ex-almost President Hillary Clinton

*indulges in vapid platitudes or virtue signaling heralding any of the multitude of left-wing talking points (ie, immigration is great, diversity rocks, women rock, Muslims rock, climate change wah wah, Socialism porn).

*Orange Man bad!