A national petition for Congress to create a Federal holiday commemorating President Trump’s birthday. (#MakeATrumpHoliday)

Ah, satire, you may chuckle.  This blogger’s pathetic attempt at twisted Onion antics.


Maybe not.

I enjoy very little more than the deranged reactions of today’s Liberals when triggered by all things Trump (and the more outlandish, the better).  I voted for him in 2016 and I’ll vote for him in 2020.  I’m not completely pleased with everything he’s done (or hasn’t) but he’s a firebrand and he’s inflamed the political American scene to a degree we have not witnessed for a very long time, if ever.

In theory, and in message, President Trump is everything I would wish for in an American President.

Admittedly, the execution has been lacking, hampered, suffocated perhaps, by the exigencies of pragmatic political bartering and hamstrung by the dead-end circularity which American checks and balances exerts on the national political dynamic.

Today’s President’s Day holiday made me think of something.

Why not kick off a diligent, un-ironic campaign to make President Donald Trump’s birthday a national holiday?

Why not?

What a grand effort this would be!  Once initiated, the movement would kindle sneakily into the daily narrative.  We will witness how, along with everything else with Trump’s politicizing signature attached, the movement gathers steam and the momentum of a newly sprung life.  The movement will grow, and though not likely to pass legislative muster (especially given today’s House), the earworm nature of the movement’s mantra will drive the Liberalentsia into apoplectic fits never witnessed before.

It would be the grandest spectacle of all time!

We will execute this campaign and our entire narrative will be laced with the citizen’s movement to create a new Presidential holiday in June commemorating the birthday of one of the greatest Presidents in modern American history.

I suggest that the President Trump Birthday holiday take place on the Monday after the third Sunday in June.  In other words, close to his actual birthday on June 14, and forever conjoined with the other annual marker for Father’s Day in America.

How fitting that the last real male President in American history would have his birthday honored in such union with Father’s Day for ages to come.