Netflix’s neuro-linguistic programming is nefarious and globalist.

Netflix’s original programming alternates between passive non-agenda-ized “pure” entertainment on the one hand, and utter Leftist neuro-linguistic hypnosis on the other.

Despite Netflix’s caution in lacing its entire line-up with egregious liberal motifs, even its most neutral, non-politicized shows still contain sporadic leftist easter eggs (as ethereal as a single line of dialogue illustrating the network’s elemental mission to cultivate a generation of streaming-sheep who will gravitate to its one-world, Left agenda).

Netflix relies on apathy and ignorance to spread its dogma.  Those of us who approach from a red-pilled perspective merely shake our heads cynically when confronted with such liberal slop (assuming we are troubled to defy our principles and spend the monthly fee to pipe in this Barack/Soros agenda into our homes).

The general Netflix audience, young, socially active, minions of indifference who wouldn’t know the difference between Karl Marx and Groucho Marx, possess few intense political opinions and tend to be apathetically impressionable when it comes to being molded by external sociocultural modes. Their ignorance is a blank slate and cultural manipulators, like Netflix, and the elites who seek to perpetuate the one-world agenda through pop cultural dialogues, which they utterly control, gleefully inject their outlook into the minds of the blank-eyed viewers.

I’ve noticed that Netflix’s programming, while not overtly political to the ignorant masses, still accomplishes mass brainwashing by implanting leftist tropes through the medium of their shows’ themes, dialogues and plots. The network is sly about embedding leftism in its scripts and in fact, their practice borders on a “dog whistling” strategy whereby a social expectation or belief is immersed in a plot and neuro-linguistically seeds the audience’s subconsciousness.

There is a persistence of allegorical themes which permeate much of the original Netflix programs I’ve watched.  They are:

-Open borders/no walls/no barriers
-Effusive and suicidal virtuousness/generosity
-Unrealistic and fantastical levels of diversity
-Excessive representation of marginal population groups
-Excessive intellectual and emotional adroitness of said marginal groups


…and very common, but not often noted,

-Denunciation and ridicule of restraint, stoicism and tradition


Last night, bored, I watched a current Netflix release, Bird Box, starring one of my least favorite actresses, Sandra Bullock. I shun her movies as much as possible. She selects the worst scripts on such a consistent basis that her fame seems a soul-selling fulfillment of utter intellectual cynicism on her part.

I expected little from Bird Box, and still managed to be underwhelmed. I could not bring myself to stick out the entire length of the movie, but if it was Netflix leftist tropes I was seeking, I was not disappointed in the least.

John Malkovich played a crusty quasi-Trumpian curmudgeon, predictably older than the rest of the glibly hip cast.  Grounded, analytical, pragmatic, clear-thinking: a villain given the modern values of SJW parlance. In order to squeeze into today’s facile liberal cliques, one must eschew traditional mores and objectivity. Opinions and extrapolation are now reactive and emotional – qualities that Netflix demands, applauds and romanticizes on screen.



In 2019, buoyant emotions and overwrought pretensions of concern trump cold analysis and objective reality. Solipsism is the guiding force that architects the dogma of today’s female-driven social paradigm, one which Netflix’s (ie, the elite’s) neuro-linguistic programming is designed to hypnotize the younger generation with.



And of course, none of it worth a thing if we don’t all get along.


Ostentatious race-mixing as a political prop brought to you by Netflix