Next up in the Left’s virtue-signaling cross-hairs: Louis C.K.

I’ve never reckoned him to be a great “friend” of the Right but as they say, the enemy of my enemy


Disgraced actor-comedian Louis C.K. is in trouble again, this time for a typically foul-mouthed routine – recorded illicitly at a recent New York gig and briefly released on YouTube – in which he cruelly mocks the victims of the Parkland shootings, rips into millennials confused about their gender identity, and makes an obscene, all-purposely offensive reference to his doctor whom he describes as an “old fucking Jewish fag.”


Oh heavens!

A comedian who actually doesn’t pretend to be an ambassador of sensitivity and manners?  Wow…the dude doesn’t have much of a future in today’s bland comedic climate.

Comedy is not, should not be, nice.  Comedy should offend everyone, even you, even me.  Humor is indelibly furious and inhumane for laughter is best when a salve of discomfort.

Tell that to the new SJW herds of non-funny.



I’m not ready to embrace Louis C.K. as a conservative but I am ready to defend him as a fearless speaker.

Which is a most important task now.


At Slate, Matthew Dessem provides many more examples from the set, which include a joke about the size of the genitalia of certain ethnic groups and one about a visit to a doctor who tells him to stop eating ice cream; he subsequently refers to the doctor as an “old f—ing Jewish fag.” He also spent “five solid minutes (!) … lamenting the fact that people have stopped using the word ‘retarded,'” per Dessem, who notes what stood out to him as the most painful parts of listening to the audio. One, “he hasn’t lost his talent: his timing and delivery are still there, somewhere, peeking out under all the racism and ranting about political correctness.” But what Dessem finds most depressing about the whole thing is the raucous laughter of an audience member caught on the audio. “Louis CK is clearly unwilling to reckon with what he’s done, but unfortunately, he seems to know exactly what he’s doing.”