The ex-POTUS body language in the presence of the lion king; when Mt. Rushmore is your audience.

A body language expert (not dubious whatsoever) has made some observations about President Trump’s arrival at GHWB’s funeral yesterday;  especially of the “effect” it had on the other sitting ex-Presidents and their wives assembled together in advance of the current POTUS’s arrival.

DONALD Trump was like a lion startling a herd of animals when he arrived at George H.W. Bush’s funeral, a body language expert has claimed.

Expert Judi James told The Sun Online: “You could spot the moment Trump arrived in the National Cathedral even before he honed into view of the cameras.

“Until then the gathering of previous presidents had involved some relatively relaxed displays of sociable body language but suddenly – like a herd of animals sensing a lion – their poses and non-verbal signals morphed into something far more wary and stony-faced.”

The 41st US president died Friday in Houston at age 94. His wife of 73 years, Barbara, passed away in April.

Judi added: “Bill Clinton had been leaning into Michelle Obama, ever resting his hand on her arm as he chatted and Hillary had leaned across her husband to chat with Barack.
“Hillary and Michelle had been emphatically tactile and friendly before they took their seats, with Hillary placing one splayed hand over her heart as she spoke and the two women standing with their arms round one another at one point.”


Judi James describes the smarmy scene before President Trump walked in the door, upsetting the hypocritical balance.

When President Trump arrived, James notes:


the group all stiffened up – looking as “stiff as Mount Rushmore”.

She said: “Barack’s chin went up and his mouth clamped shut. Michelle sat rigid beside him while Bill turned to Hilary and rubbed her arm fondly in what looked like a gesture of affection and reassurance.

“Trump and his wife walked hand in hand down the aisle and received an upturned mouth shrug of acknowledgement from Barack as they walked past.



Oddly, the body language James describes upon Donald Trump’s crash landing into the funeralscape, describes that which I seem to elicit in many group settings I arrive at. I’ve noticed it enough times that it’s become a secondary artifact to my presence which I’ve come to expect, and in fact, welcome.

Lips purse, bodies stiffen, relaxation flees. People do not seem to rejoice at my presence.  Or at the very least, I’m a dark cloud dropping in to dim the sunny day.

People  turn to stone as I intrude.  Mt. Rushmore is my audience.

And I’m not even President.