Migrant invasion is a little too foodie for its own good: empathy goes to the back burner.

The initial waves of Central American migrants to invade  the Mexican border town of Tijuana have discovered Mexicans to be a bit less “restrained” about openly and publicly voicing antagonisms and disdain for their poor, “innocent” Latin American brethren to the South than the civilized virtue signalers from the United States are apt to not do.

While the migrants have generally been greeted by Mexicans with a leery optimism with hints of generosity, not all Mexicans appear so inclined to extend the welcome mat.


…not all locals are as welcoming; some have even responded in terms similar to those employed by the caravan’s most prominent enemy, Donald Trump.

On Wednesday evening, residents protested in Playas de Tijuana, an affluent neighborhood by the beach where some of the migrants had set up camp.

“They entered the country violently, they are demanding services, they are smoking marijuana, who knows what,” said Tere Lamas, a longtime resident. “The United States already said they can’t come, so what’s going to happen?”

Later that night, locals moved down to where the migrants were sleeping, chanting “Out of Tijuana” and “Mexico has its own problems”, and singing the Mexican national anthem. Scuffles broke out as screaming protesters threatened and attacked local residents defending the group, along with journalists and the migrants themselves.

Arnoldo Astorga, a member of a local vigilante group, said the residents had called his group. “This is like an invasion. It looks and smells like an invasion. They come over here with no respect.”


Many of the caravan’s actors, putatively hungry and “ravaged” by violence and poverty from the shitholes they flee, still manage to come across as a entitled and demanding despite the assistance they have received from locals, and the Mexican government to a lesser extent. This thankless attitude does not curry benevolence from those who subscribe to the principle of “beggars can’t be choosers.”


Third world problems



In this video, a migrant laments the donated food handed to the migrants. It is slop best served for swine, she cries. She has the nerve to conclude that “what choice do we have? We have to eat it or we’ll starve”



Mm, not likely.