In Liberal California, iPhones are just a tad cheaper than Democratic rule.

A Californian Liberal and the money of his serfs is soon parted.

From Hannity:


San Francisco’s expensive efforts to register “non-citizens” to vote in local elections fell far below expectations this week, with new data showing the city government spent $310,000 on the policy but only enlisted 49 new voters.

According to Fox News, “San Francisco reportedly spent $310,000 on a new registration system aimed at getting non-citizens to cast votes in school board elections.”

The program yielded just 49 new voters to date; effectively costing the local government over $6,000 per person.


I’m sure most San Franciscans don’t mind this effluent purging of their hard-earned Socialist bucks.

If no-name Liberal knuckle-heads are good with this per-capita Democratic investment, you can only imagine what the truly wealthy are willing to spend…