“Site visit with our protective security advisor…” Homeland Services continues to display its amazing powers of premonition…

Well, well.  Yet another curious case of Federal emergency (“preparedness”) training that finds itself eerily synchronous with a real life incident that’s decidedly not an exercise.

Chris Wallace, interviewing DHS Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, this morning on Fox, asked her about alleged training runs that were held recently at The Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, scene of yesterday’s mass shooting which left 11 people dead.



Semi-curious is the fact the Nielsen did, in fact confirm this. According to her, Homeland Security held training at that synagogue in March when the law agency paid a “site visit” with their “protective security advisor.”

And also semi-curious (semi + semi = a whole Curious token, fyi) is the clumsy edit in Fox’s interview.

I’ve excised the clip from the full Fox interview here. The clumsy, “hard” edit takes place at 41 seconds into my clip.

The DHS’s curious powers of precognition are X-Files worthy.
How do they do it?