We need a citizen’s army of serious visual documenters.

Street skirmishes are here.  The new communal dialog.

They will get worse before they are suppressed. Given this fact, street skirmishes between Antifa and the Patriot Right are today’s warring factions littering the battlefield pitting enemy values against each other.

The war has begun and it is in our backyard.

Portland, apparently the epicenter of much of this tension, was the stage for an encounter between Antifa and Proud Boys yesterday.

As born out by this very unsatisfying video documentation of the event, it is clear one thing is sorely needed as we embark on this new cultural battle for the streets: authoritative visual documentation. Those involved in the skirmishes should fight.  They have no business video recording or photographing because it is physically impossible to do both.



If contending with the Antifa scourge will require physical might and ferocity, we should call it what it is: war.

As such, wars require memorializing in an orderly, observable manner.  Clean video and sound, steady camera work – today’s videographers of the quasi-Civil War II are modern day war photographers.

We need people whose sole mission it is to record the battles for posterity and witness. The above video is too similar to most street-level footage of today’s left-right battles.  We end up with little but blur;  frames filled with indecipherable hair and clothing. The full gravity of the encounters is washed away with shaky video, muffled audio, and an overall muddled presentation that evokes little passion.

This is not to lay the blame at anyone’s feet.  I am merely suggesting a different avenue, and reason, for better documentation of these skirmishes.

The first step to cultivating hearts and minds is undiluted, clear portrayal of the war.

***On edit, 10/14/18, 2000***
This is a good example of what we should strive for. Note the videographer is not immersed.