When Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed…

Now let me tell you what is going to happen.

After the dust has settled and the Democratic diversions have exhausted, and reason, however fleeting and tenuous, returns for a sliver of time, Brett Kavanaugh will become the newest Supreme Court Justice.  The Senate’s vote will spellbind our electronic gadgets as we await the verdict.  When Kavanaugh’s appointment is formally announced, a chorus of cheers will emanate from the Right, and a chorus of wails, from the Left.

The uproar will be reminiscent of that fateful night in November, 2016, when the realization that Donald J. Trump would in fact become President of the United States dawned.  Leftists, Liberals, Democrats, the sorry lot of them, will issue a resounding whine of butt-hurt and disgust and shrill panic.  The depth of their dismay may surmount that we witnessed the night of the Trump’s election.  Petulant, quasi-violent eruptions of resentment will echo from shore to shore.

All the immature, childish acting out we’ve witnessed as part of American political discourse over the last two years will be amplified exponentially, deafeningly.

Leftists will cry in the streets and toy Antifa soldiers will arm themselves with firepower exceeding the caliber of their pipe-cleaner arms.

Robust threats and passive-aggressive snark, the debating tools of the Left, will subsume the collective parlance of a post-Kavanaugh society.

Shit will get ugly.




In fact, if one wants to “predict” the nature of post-Kavanaugh public dialog of the political sort, one merely needs to consider it this way:  imagine that you are combating an immature young female attention whore who has never learned to negotiate her way out of the doldrums and denial.  Imagine you are dealing with this emotionally spoiled girl along with all the capricious histrionics that come with such an intolerable wench.  The childish tantrums, the emotional outbursts, the erratic disappointment…that is precisely what we have to look forward to from the collective Left once Kavanaugh becomes the newest Justice.

Be prepared to cringe, for the Left has not matured nor has it nurtured an ounce of gravitas or stoicism over their pained President Trump existence.

In fact, they’ve become more childishly vocal and unrestrained.  No one has put the hurt on them, so like children allowed to wantonly fuss, they will push the envelope even further this time around.  They threaten Presidents and draw laughter and media approval.  What do we expect?

There will be no peace.  Emotion will fuel more emotion and as all tantrums unfold, the heightened hurt will in fact spawn new hurt.  The din will be intolerable, again.  The actions of the angry left will astound with its rebellious defiance.  There is only one solution.  The only way to shut them up and “steer” them into compliance.  It’s simple;  a tried and true method.


Get the rope ready