An immodest proposal: temporal safe spaces.

In light of the ongoing shitshow plaguing our Federal Judicial selection process and the leftist mania that is drowning in hypocrisy and sanctimoniousness, I have an immodest proposal.

“Temporal safe spaces.”

I would suggest that temporal safe spaces be defined as that period of 15-25 years of age for women and 17-27 for men.

My immodest proposal proposes a 10-year-period in which young people are encouraged to act out and explore without fear of ramifications that may plague them the rest of their lives when the immature dalliances of their youth come back to haunt, courtesy of the furiously preoccupied and concerned Left.

With my immodest proposal, misbehavior, bad decisions, chemical abuse, and the ensuing erratic and disastrous decisions would be actively encouraged, tolerated and retroactively ignored after a “waiting period” of 10 years has passed.

My immodest proposal is the most pragmatic approach to fending with the transgressions of young adulthood which invariably tend to demonize men while sanctifying women.  The temporal safe space would obviate the hypocrisy and loathsome finger-pointing endemic to the practice of casting some as villains and others as victims in this youthful dance of genders.  Young women would be allowed to stupidly put themselves in harm’s way without the exposure of shame or sluthood years later;  young men would be allowed to stupidly play wayward hormonal games at the expense of culpable and drunken women without worrying about professional destruction two decades down the road.

If a woman, or man, during this temporal safe space, feels criminally victimized, they are free to report the crime immediately.  If the act is so abhorrent that they will remember it in 30 years, surely it’s fair to assume it should be equally  vivid and horrible within hours or days of its occurrence as well.

The temporal safe space prevents the initiation of future legal actions for immature, party-oriented behavior.  My immodest proposal is a common sense proposal.

What “harms” you now surely hurt you 30 years ago when it happened.

My immodest proposal recognizes that any legal action taken decades after the triggering event is merely opportunistic and ulterior and that no lasting harm was done in the interim.