Final Destination 4, 3D mayhem and other bodily destruction



Dude, dude.


What more can I say.


Final Destination is a great franchise.


It’s what Hollywood does best. Sacrifice everything for spectacle. Throw in a 3D element and the sacrifice turns downright medieval. Plot, character development, dialog…right out the window baby!


Put on those damn glasses and WATCH. WATCH.
Do not listen, do not think. The minute you do any of those things it’s guaranteed those big-ass Swifty Lazar glasses will melt all over your friggin’ face.


Those glasses. I took my son…I can’t imagine taking a date. One look at each other wearing that shit is certain to spell doom for any ulterior motives you might have for post-cinematic entertainment.




The man is dead but his memory lives on in theaters near you


And the movie!
How many ways can the human body possibly be speared, sliced and diced (and suctioned) in one 90:00 sitting?
Apparently more than I care to imagine since we’ve now seen 4 versions of this slaughter.