The Anatomy of a Meme

I encountered a meme the other day that struck me as uniquely hilarious. I suspect many people might not share the same intensity of amusement that it evoked in me, but I think it is genius. It is an extraordinary meme. I long to strike the ironic goldmine like this one day with my own. One day.



I consider this a “template” meme that is expandable in the respect its interchangeable text can be overlaid over any photograph. When such a meme presents itself, the outrageous possibilities are simply endless and I can’t stop ruminating over them all as they present themselves during my daily existence.

In this case, the meme as applied to Chihuahuas is uncannily accurate.   The subtle description of the little shit dog’s simmering, tyrannical eyes, betrayed by the trembling nervousness of its runt body is magnificently described by this meme.  A living, fuming canine dichotomy, beautifully presented with the utmost minimalism.

So how could I ruin this meme with my own take?

At first I thought of something like this.


Actually, I think this is somewhat clever.  Up to a point.

It’s a bit cluttered, complicated, overextended.  While amusing, it neglects the gist of the original meme.  The power of the meme is not percentages or the arbitrary pie chart motif.

The power is the encapsulation of dualism laid out in a simplistic but searing 50% measure of two competing ironies.

Alas, the meme does not draw its strength from detailed description or allocation.  That becomes a boring game of absurd statistics.

This meme’s power is its ability to showcase the antagonistic schism present in the subject.

Not to over-think (under-think?), but this Homeless Black Dude on the Train meme is better portrayed as such:



Better.  Not perfect, or even excellent. My irony isn’t as sharp or searing as I’d like, But one day, while I’m walking along the street, the perfect vision of the Anatomy meme may dawn on me.

And you’ll see it here, first.