Virgie Tovar loves Mauritania and food. Another example of Obesity Derangement Syndrome.

Another fat apologist woe-is-me sob story here from The Guardian.

True to form, Virgie Tovar, abundantly obese sloth, subtly proclaims her 250-pound heft to kick off her piece which she calls “how to avoid 10 forms of fatphobia.”  One almost detects a scent of deep-fried pride in her statistical recitation.


As a 115kg (18st) woman who refuses to diet, unapologetically wears short shorts and eats tiramisu, I have experienced and witnessed a lot of fatphobia. 


Yeah, whatever. It’s the same old story from another 21st Century glutton. Lack of self-control, lack of will, lack of dignity. Obesity is today’s rationale and vehicle for self-flagellation.  It is a sick, depraved form of masochism which revels in loss of form, loss of classicism, that plagues the West.  Nowhere does it manifest more visibly than in the diminishing integrity of the human form.

In fact, Tovar, by seeking to generalize and deflect the innate disgust sane people experience when confronted with mounds of human flab, merely points out what we know.  She continues:


This is a form of bigotry that equates fatness with ugliness, inferiority and immorality.


It is not bigotry, it is human nature, despite the counter-evolutionary anti-science which Tovar, and all her obese victims of reality,  defer to whenever the subject of their heft arises.

In her bullet list of 10 points, she writes in number 4:


We chalk up a lot of our romantic decisions to evolutionary biology, but the truth is our partner choice is highly influenced by social expectations and ideals. If we lived in Mauritania, for example, where fatness is the beauty ideal, we would have no difficulty finding “biological” rationalisation for that attraction. We are taught who is beautiful, and get social cues about who to avoid choosing as a partner.



Nice example of an outlying, defunct society that has as little bearing on human nature as its life expectancy of 61 years has on Western longevity. I would suggest to Virgie that if she seeks to be worshiped for her chins and Google Earth-sized waist, she should move to the African nation immediately.

But as long as she lives in the West, she must understand the West is powered by civilized instincts (what remains of them), not obesity derangement.


Miss Mauritania


This is not merely a matter of physical obesity; it is spiritual self-debasement which holds nothing of value with esteem. There is no pride, no accountability, only sloth.  In this respect, abuse of the body is a form of immorality for they are treating their bodily vessel like trash.

Whether you believe your vessel was designed by God or by evolution or by chance, one thing is inarguable: it is a precious result of something grander than us.

Fat slobs like Tovar ridicule  the human form and human nature.  This is why so many left-wingers are fat, sloppy and ugly.  This is their ultimate gesture of refuting tradition and classicism. This is the real delineation between socialists and right-wingers in our modern environment.  Those who value tradition value discipline and physical integrity.