South African education minister boasts of the triviality of education.

South African Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, in appraising the basic academic track of teaching the subject of history in that country’s grades 10, 11 and 12, makes a stark admission which doesn’t explain much, just affirms.


Angie Motshekga


Now the [ministerial task] team will report back after completing comparative studies and research in countries including Russia, China, Zimbabwe and Rwanda.

The Basic Education Department’s Elijah Mhlanga says: “And making sure that our history books reflect correctly a true story of South Africa.”

Motshekga says she believes teaching history has a number of positive effects especially in a country like South Africa, such as contributing to nation building, social cohesion and cultural heritage.


But really, it’s all superfluous Western BS.  Education is for pissants.


“Yes,  education is not as important as everyone thinks. Africans have survived thousands of years without it. It is not for Africans, it came with the whites.”


I actually agree with Motshekga.

Education is not important, in and of itself.  It’s shallow mental status whoring.    It accomplishes nothing other than depleting your bank account and eating up your prime youth years with pointless lectures and exams.

You graduate and ultimately recall very little of what you “learned” and use even less of it in the course of your stellar degreed career.  You get a pretty piece of paper demonstrating your willingness to buy into the fold.  You hamster.

But, collectively, education matters a lot.

A culture that values the gesture of learning and attainment of general knowledge is a culture that will strive for common excellence and detail to well-being.

And for cultures that “have survived thousands of years without” – the opposite corollary holds true.

Apathy to knowledge and intellectual commitment turns a culture to shit; a tenuous society held together by the barest of threads.