Caning the McCain when he is down (and out).

Let me tell ya…fuck John McCain.

Fuck him and his little traitorous worn and tattered POW horse. John McCain is a piece of shit, representing the Old Economy globalist Conservatism infatuated with the concept of American predominance at the expense of prideful, home-raised integrity.

Fuck him.

I won’t mourn for him, but conversely, I do not use this time to gloat nor to make a dreary spectacle of myself, reveling in another man’s impending demise. I can’t bring myself to do that. I have been around too long and seen too many people snuffed out by prolonged battles with cancer and all its attendant traces of Western medicine’s disfiguring “solutions.” There is no joy in McCain’s final exit, horrible as it may be.

There are many mean-spirited pockets of anti-McCain fervor which have risen over the past few days as we learn that he has discontinued treatment for brain cancer. This is last call, no more fight left in that old dog.

Some online expression, mocking McCain, repels me, but I understand people express themselves as they see fit. Personally, beating the corpse while it is till breathing makes me horribly uneasy.



Let’s just remember him for the spiteful, useless piece of Republishit he was and leave it at that. I will not mourn nor will I dignify this man.  But don’t look to me to rejoice gratuitously, either.

When he is gone, he is gone.

End of story.  It’s all our story.