((($8 trillion)))

This is an ingenious meme laden with irony of the bitterest sort, pure mockery of the argument that Republicans manipulated the collective American mind in order to “coerce” it to not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Each argument and legal entanglement that Donald Trump finds himself in at the present moment is bolstered by the implication that American voters were hypnotized in 2016; lured into the Republican electoral fold by some grand subliminal mind control trick instituted by the GOP and Russian minds.

Bullshit. Trump won fair and square., People who voted for him voted because they savored his message and underdog brutality, not “because Russia.”

There has been a lot of misunderstanding about this meme. Sadly, a great many people lack the nuanced comprehension and intelligence to understand it ironically, not literally.

Influencing an election directly and tangibly versus influencing it in an illusory, fantastical manner by a bunch of tryhard Democrats who rely on magic and fantasy to fuel their wilted credibility.  That’s the acuity of this meme.