Nancy Pelosi is right. Maxine Waters does in fact strike fear in Donald Trump’s heart. Can you blame the guy?

Nancy Pelosi, delusion lurks in that corrupt little Californian heart of yours, doesn’t it?

Yesterday, August 15, marked the 80th birthday of that (other) antique female relic from the Californian Democratic wastelands, Maxine Waters.  Nancy, in the midst of birthday fervor, felt compelled to post a sad little birthday Twitter greeting to Los Angeles’s own impeachment queen.


So presumptuous and bold.  It’s easy to write this shit from behind the Great Liberal Wall of the California border, isn’t it Nancy?

But yes, I agree.

Maxine Waters does strike fear in Donald Trump’s heart; in fact, I would venture to say that the leathery hag strikes fear in many people for reasons entirely not that which Pelosi is implying.


Strikes fear….you’re right, Nancy


And I’ve just come across a secret clip demonstrating what Nancy Pelosi boasts of in her Tweet.