What on God’s Green Mountain is that thing running for governor???

I thought California had it bad, but at least the ingratiating pretty talking head, Gavin Newsom, prospective (and likely) next governor, is recognizably a gender we expect to align with our visual expectations.  He’s a lefty California-political machine-spawned ogre, but he looks like a man, and is (in a manner of speaking).

But Vermont.

Oh Vermont, man.  They have this thing that calls itself “Christine” seeking the governorship.

I prefer that my female governors sport five o’clock shadows. What are you…a bigot?


I spent almost a week in Vermont 2 years ago;  what a beautiful place, great people, fantastic, clean towns (except Burlington).  I loved it.

But this nonsense.

Why does such a wonderful state default to such elected officials?  Perhaps all that state’s politicians can adopt Ms. Hallquist’s motif as a show of support. Instead of shaving their hair off…

When bad photoshop seeks to make a point rather than an artistic statement