Extinctionism: Preface.

*A decidedly non-academic perspective on economic culture, its manifestations in our society and our way of life*

Wherein I will lay out some thoughts and ideas about why I believe Socialism and Capitalism are not nearly the antagonistic economic schools of identification we presuppose in our present mindset, and furthermore, why I believe the paradigm that encapsulates the two models is outdated and increasingly extinct as applied to a globe housing billions of consumers and sellers who are interconnected in a real time fashion by exponentially emerging technologies.

Socialism and capitalism are not A or B.

They are small, confined ideals gathered in an archaic corner of societal history, embracing, not repelling.  The chasm outside them (C->Z) leads us to newer models which we must begin to entertain if we are to move forward with an economic theory worthy of our evolving society.

A new model, perhaps.