And this makes the national news how…?

Two ferry workers in North Carolina are in hot water because they expressed political opinions by flying a “Trump 2020” flag on a state-owned sea vessel. This is fair and appropriate and I have no issues with such punishment (as long as it is served fairly and consistently).


Officials with North Carolina’s ferry system have suspended a boat captain and crew member for a week after they hoisted a flag supporting President Donald Trump’s re-election on a state-owned ship.

A passenger on the MV Frisco ferry took a picture of the “Trump 2020” flag flying below the U.S. flag and even with the North Carolina flag last month and posted it to social media.

Ferry Division spokesman Tim Hass told media outlets that putting campaign material on a state-owned vessel is not appropriate. He did not release the names of the employees suspended for a week.

Hass says the flag was only up for one run on the Outer Banks ferry.



A big fat whateverburger to this.

I agree with the disciplinary action given to the workers. A state-owned vehicle should not be used for political propagandizing.

I just wonder about some things, however.

For instance:  if it had been a Bernie Sanders or Kamala Harris or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez flag, would anyone have cared to photograph it for the purposes of social media drama?

Would anyone have given a flying shit?



This is truly low effort.  Why is the MSM all over this insignificant unhappening that has no business being covered by the faintest local news outlet in North Carolina?  This is just another aggregated MSM micro-attack on the President which seeks to erect a structure of niggling attacks aimed at upsetting his reputation and legitimacy.

This ubiquitous Trump-bashing is becoming very predictable and trite.  They should phone the meaningless tripe in, sorta how it makes for equally rote blog posts!