When airline mechanics become unhinged…suicide by F15 in Washington?

Strange news year gets fed a little more (airplane) fuel tonight out of the American Northwest.

An airline mechanic from Horizon Airlines, apparently in the midst of a really bad day, took a Bombardier Q400 turboprop out for a joyless ride.

Dude, do you even fly?



Sea-Tac Airport was put on ground stop Friday night due to a security scare, according to Alaska Airlines.

A source at JBLM said it involves a stolen plane, which two F-15’s have been tasked to intercept and forced to land.

The source says the military jet made contact with the stolen plane, which then began to nose dive and crashed in North Pierce County.

Alaska Airlines said via Twitter they are aware of an incident involving an unauthorized take-off of a Horizon Air Q400. They believe there are no passengers on board.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s office said it was an airline mechanic stole the plane and was apparently doing stunts in the air then crashed into Ketron Island.


Do not fear. American air might sprang to action immediately.  Primed to take military control of this situation (perhaps they did…news reports are hazy at this moment). The plane went down. Suicide by F15 or just suicide?



If President Trump had been anywhere close by, this guy would still be flying and allowed to live.

I guarantee it.