The bitch did not want her Applebee’s cake. Drama in da hood.

Dat NY ghetto histrionic thing. Makes my skin crawl.

This twat.

In kinder, gentler times, when men were allowed to account for themselves, this obscene little bitch would have been swatted down, and swiftly so.



My God, it looks like homie just wanted to surprise his girl with a nice birthday outing at a local Brooklyn Applebee’s but the little prima donna would have none of it. And cake and verbal daggers and melodramatic ranting were her weapons of choice.

Is this “fake?”

I don’t believe it’s fake insofar as it was staged or rehearsed.

I do believe it was fake in that it was not very sincere on the bitch’s part; this was her attention-getting whoremove and it worked well. Was she that angry about the Applebee’s nature of her party? I doubt it, but never underestimate an explosive New Yawk scene, Caribbean antics and all.

I will give her this: Applebee’s is generally very cheesy. It offers that repetitive indistinguishable chain fare. Unremarkable in taste, the restaurant offers, at most, a corporate bar atmosphere where you can go drown your bored sorrows.

Nothing much happening here.

Bitch still needed to be more grateful.

It could have been Chuck E. Cheese’s.