Deadly intersectionality: ghetto doom invades hipster complacency in Los Angeles.

I dislike Trader Joe’s. Mainly because the customer base irks me. They have the worst grocery aisle etiquette of most stores, and tend to be fastidiously and spastically self-involved. The produce is overpriced (and most of my grocery purchases involve produce since I cook at home).

I will say this about Trader Joe’s: their dairy prices are pretty good.  I will buy their organic milk and Greek yogurt if I’m visiting. Their prepackaged frozen food is pretty good.  I love their chicken-lime patties, and the soy ginger frozen cod fillets are the best damn thing ever.  In fact, they have several meat (and non-meat) patty variations which all tend to be quick and tasty for those lazy nights you’re looking to avoid prolonged food prep.  The Masala burgers are my favorite.

But I can’t hang with that damned hipster, Lib vibe I get every time I’m in one of their stores. Some areas are worse than others.  An Orange County Trader Joe’s is quite a different vibe than the one in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Urban pretension versus suburban blandness.

Despite the gritty affectations that urban hipsters exude behind their “hard” tattooed, emaciated exteriors, they are mostly lightweights who wouldn’t know what to do if a real life situation arose in which they needed to diffuse a little threatening criminality.  That is not an “intersectionality” you see much. These urbanorganic vegan types immerse themselves in the ghetto artifice of movies and television and Youtube and music, but they prefer it does not intrude into their everyday life.

Well yesterday, that little hipster bubble burst for an afternoon.

The ghetto came knockin’ and one person was dead after the dust cleared.


Melyda Corado


What Happened: A suspect who shot his grandmother and another woman in South L.A. earlier in the day was being chased by police when his car crashed into a post in front of the Trader Joe’s at 2738 Hyperion Avenue. He emerged from the car and went into the store as he and officers exchanged fire, police said.

The Suspect: He has been described as a 28-year-old African-American male, who was wounded in the arm during the gunbattle with officers. Police have not released his identity. Aerial TV footage showed him being handcuffed after the standoff ended and being escorted into an ambulance.

The Victim: Melyda “Mely” Corado was a manager at the store, said ABC7 and the victim’s brother, Albert Corado. She is believed to have been shot early during the incident and was taken out of the market by police officers.


So unidentified homie shoots his grandmother and another person in decidedly un-hipster South L.A., flees northbound for about 10 miles, cops hot on his tail.  He lands in Silver Lake where he unleashes his special brand of mayhem on a bunch of SWPL urbanistas doing their afternoon grocery shopping in an “open-minded” gentrified area of Los Angeles, not far from Dodger Stadium.

Welcome to the big city.