Unlikely victim: Malibu artist, Taylor Stafford, beaten up and left for dead on Fourth of July.

A “little” story popped up on my Twitter feed earlier.

It is a “local” Los Angeles story and it would normally be the type of metropolitan mayhem and random violence that happens in a shithole teeming with millions of shitholes all the time, and with such frequency that it is quickly buried in the rest of the assaultfeed that defines living in this city. It piqued my interest but it didn’t quite supply all the “meat” necessary for me to see worth writing about.

Until I saw a curious side note in one of the stories.

So the story is:  on the evening of July 4, a local Malibu artist, Stafford Taylor, was walking back to his car just before 11pm after leaving a holiday party. At that point, he lost all contact and was not seen for 36 hours.


Taylor Stafford with his wife


Officials at the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station are actively investigating the Fourth of July assault of Malibu resident Stafford Taylor.

Though Lt. Jim Royal confirmed the incident occurred, circumstances around the assault are still murky. According to a GoFundMe online fundraiser set up for Taylor, he went missing sometime around 10:45 p.m. on July 4 after walking home from an Independence Day celebration at Malibu Cove Colony. Malibu local Ali Thonson, a friend of Taylor, confirmed Taylor made it past Geoffrey’s—just west of Meadows Court—before disappearing.

Family and friends were unable to locate the man for 36 hours, prompting a missing person report. Taylor was later ID’d at the UCLA Medical Center, where he had been registered under “John Doe.”


Stafford, 64, a local artist, hardly seems the type of person who would thoughtlessly veer off on a dangerous path lined with life-threatening characters and situations.  He just seems like a well-liked older dude living in a chill beach town ensconced in the western coastal hills of the city.  He was walking to his car before 11pm in the nice and White part of Los Angeles;  it’s not as if was stumbling around drunkenly in Watts at 3 in the morning.


Stafford Taylor, a longtime fixture in the Malibu art scene, is now fighting to stay alive.

“It’s just really a moment by moment watch,” wife Terry Taylor said.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s investigators are still trying to figure out if Stafford was attacked, or injured from a fall, or some other accident. But because his cellphone, wallet and money are missing, Terry believes her husband was the victim of a crime.

“From one point walking up toward his car to the next moment he disappeared. It seems like the doctors and the police have indicated it’s an assault – an alleged assault at this point,” she said.


Very curious.

What beef could anyone have with this guy?

Was it robbery?  Or was the theft of his property just opportunistic grabbing whose primary aim was a simple crusade of ultraviolence?  Why beat the guy up so brutally (unless you’re trying to dispose of the witness, in which case, this is capital murder).

Still, given this set of mundane circumstances, this could  be just another item to clog up the local crime blotter in the City of Angels.

But this, from the Malibu Times.


At the July 9 Malibu City Council meeting, council members also mentioned the incident.

“I was really stunned to hear of that tragic situation that involved one of our residents that was beaten, allegedly I guess, on the side of PCH, and that is extremely alarming,” Council Member Skylar Peak said. “I hope that our sheriff’s department works very diligently to find out who committed that crime and bring them to justice, and I hope Stafford gets—recovers—in a timely manner.” 

Mayor Rick Mullen, who also works for the fire department, mentioned a separate alleged assault that occurred elsewhere in Malibu recently.


Stafford in hospital

A poor young lady [who] was driving on Decker got assaulted by three men who jumped in her car and slugged her in the face a few times,” Mullen said, “and I was kind of surprised about that.”

Neither Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station nor the LA County Fire Department was able to confirm the second incident by the time of publication on Tuesday evening, July 10.


Could Stafford’s attack have been part of a Malibu crime spree?

I would be willing to bet that the suspects, the 3 males, if caught, will assuredly not be Malibu residents.  To venture further than that risks decapitating the PC narrative.   Robbery/assault sprees seem to be the provenance of various “ghetto types” in this town.

;) one wink if you hear me…