Deviant Hollywoodite “scholar” and genderless freak, David George, succumbs to the mummy game. Nothing of value lost.

What an absolute vile shithole this sprawling lunatic metropolis is.  Celluloid artistes clamor about in a state of anarchical immorality.  The demented children have no supervision and they play stupid games.

And lose stupid games.


A California university professor died during a bondage session at the home of a Hollywood executive that went horribly wrong.

Doran George, 48, was found dead inside the home of Skip Chasey, an executive for Hollywood’s William Morris Endeavor agency and known in the BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance and Submission) community as “Master Skip,” on Nov. 19, 2017.

George, who was born Duncan Gilbert and did not use gendered pronouns, had been wrapped “head to toe in plastic wrap and gaffer’s tape, with small breathing holes at the nose and mouth,” according to an autopsy report obtained late last week by Variety.

“The decedent’s partner observed that the decedent was not reacting properly,” the report states. “The partner checked the decedent closer and realized that the decedent was not breathing. The partner called 911 and began cutting off the plastic and tape.”

George, who had a 16-year relationship with a man named Barry Shils that allowed for sexual activity outside their partnership, had become a regular playmate of Chasey’s over the course of seven months preceeding his death. 


Typical day in this land of sodomites and hedonists.


Chasey’s lawyer, John Duran, told Variety that the two were participating in consensual activity and noted that the coroner did not conclude that the wrapping was the cause of George’s death.


Who cares whether it was directly responsible or not.  It was involved in his death, ahem.

George was not a “he,” a “she,” or even an “it.”

He was a “they.”  And their stereotypes write themselves.


According to a remembrance note published by UCLA, George had a successful career as a child in musical comedy in the United Kingdom before joining the Culture and Performance Ph.D. program at the university’s Department of World Arts and Cultures in 2008. They developed expertise in areas of LGBTQ and Disability Studies, earned their doctorate in 2014, taught several classes and were “highly respected, revered and adored” by peers and students alike. 


The lethal “snafu” happened about 8 months ago but for whatever reason, the lurid details have been reactivated recently.  Illustrating just what kind of immoral shitshow the entertainment industry, and all its attendant adjacent satellite pockets of like-minded creatures, really is.