Blogging as art


Sheesh. If there is anyone who comes to common realizations later than most, it is I.


A lot of times I just don’t think shit through.
The most obvious fact can parade itself back and forth in front of my eyes a hundred times before I notice it. I get so wrapped up in stuff…


It wasn’t until earlier today that I thought of a blog as a personal belonging. When you talk to a blogger, you refer to their blog as “your blog.”


Your blog is your heart, worn on a sleeve. It is your creation. You made it from the raw tools of your creativity and imagination. And vision.


Hence, an art. Blogging. An art form.


Even though blogs generally adhere to several common formats and programs, there is an infinite amount of personalization and creative turbocharging available which we can use to decorate our blogs.


You can choose the color, the graphics, the fonts, the layout…ie, the palette, the easel, the brushes, the paints…the tools of the artist. Once you have created the visual presentation, you must fill it in. These are your words, the “composition.” This is where “talent” comes in. Anyone can hold the tools, but not anyone can manipulate them to create a medium that captures attention or speaks to others.


Blogging as the modern day art form.


Blogs evolve. I’ve watched as several blogs I read have undergone minor and major renovations. Themes are switched out, blog programs are changed, colors altered…a vast array of changes which can leave a blog almost unrecognizable from its previous incarnation.


When I started Phoenixism, my header image was a black and white sketched tree…in fact the theme, which I nabbed from Word Press’ many choices, was called “Lonely Tree.” I liked it but I didn’t feel it jived well with the theme of the blog. I don’t remember exactly what I replaced the tree with for it only lasted for a day or 2.


Still not satisfied, I began clicking through my many saved images for something, anything, that might capture Phoenixism’s spirit. That is when I found it.


It was an image that begged to be used. And coincidentally, it was a photograph I took myself just after I started this blog in late August, 2009. L.A. was hot and smoky at the time because of fires which were raging throughout Southern California. This made for a dramatic and spectacular orange sky, the perfect conditions for a blog photograph. I took a few shots early one morning from my balcony and chose one to accompany my post, Burnt L.A. offerings



The photograph was perfect for if your enlarge the area where the sun shimmered behind layers of atmospheric sooty smoke, you could actually imagine that its fiery and solar shape resembles a bird. The Phoenix.


That photo worked out so well…synchronicity again.