The Great Deadening. The curse of the higher mind.

Our age is one of dissolution.

Familiar foundations of communal cohesiveness are crumbling but the facile human connections run glibly rampant in this cyber existence of ours. We encounter faces and names, electronic ghosts, every day, all day, on our screens, the global community entices us with a chain of camaraderie that never enjoins and leaves us lonelier and more hollow than before. This disunion leaves us fractured. We are broken. We are tempted with illusions of a grandiose world that fails to materialize but our perceptions, unable to compensate for the reality of the steepest depths, find disappointment and sorrow the only rejoinder to dashed expectations.

We find ourselves ingrained in a world of hope and dreams that is clouded with artifice.

What was once a hope, a dream, is a sorely gutted void of collective despair. Those with higher minds, those with a lofty vision, are belittled by our shrinking global world of diseased immediacy. Tradition is trashed, symbols of bedrock and stability are pummeled to the ground in dusty heaps. Spirituality, belief, faith, simplicity, all, rendered indistinct and lacerated from history and robbed of the present, and we are left with nothing but banal amusements and distractions. We wallow in pointless activities and habits for we have no reliance on immutable tenets of humanity. Artifice suffuses our existence. Everything is fake, nothing is real. We live in a virtual world where scenery is proxy figments of our technological architecture. We live in one grand doll house of silicon contrivance and our hearts, our souls, real, flesh, cannot contend with the endemic superficiality and lifelessness. We respond with despondency and perdition and our higher humanity is trampled and we lack reason to live because our forward-thinking global culture arrogantly eschews that which brought us here.