Obese people don’t see the forest for the food.





Fat revolting witch.

She has been the source of many posts.  She is the antithesis to me in every manner imaginable.

If she is “0,” I am “1.”

By virtue of working and existing with this behemoth every day, I have been gifted a glimpse into the hideous inner workings of the modern diseased mind of obesity and SJW liberalism.

Work has become a social laboratory.

Now, a new observation made itself apparent to me yesterday and I must notate it, for the delusional, mentally ill basis of such a mind revealed itself for my disgusted appraisal.

Yesterday in typical fashion, she spent many minutes, even hours, conducting personal phoneside business at her work station.

Setting up a trip.  Chatting with friends and family in that fatwoman loud, boisterous voice.

At one point, she was speaking with someone about her boyfriend’s hot-mess son who she clearly disdains.   This natural course of conversation inevitably led to his mother (her boyfriend’s ex), as always.   She is not only obese, she is mundane and predictable.  The ex is also a hot mess; everyone in her boyfriend’s ex-life is a mess and unworthy, of course, in comparison to my co-worker, since she is God’s gift to mankind in that bizarre universe where natural law has been suspended.

Anyways, she was telling her phone-victim that the son, who is borderline diabetic, has been dieting.  Recently he became vegetarian, then vegan (as is every other person in this state) and he has “lost too much weight to soon.”  She said he got too skinny and basically trashed his new slender physique behind the scorn of her obese judgment.  It’s funny hearing when fat people complain that people are too skinny, or have lost too much weight.  And they are completely earnest about it, not comprehending the bigger picture.

But I digress.

She was going on about the son being too skinny and having lost too much weight.  His diet was too much, she implied as she sat there, testing her chair’s tolerances with that 40+-BMI’d heft of hers, arms jiggling and gut spilling over like a vicious adipose lava flow.  She shamelessly threw shade at someone who lost a lot of weight for health reasons.   It seems a lot of obese people don’t see the forest for the food.  There is a caloric mania that blots fat people’s minds.  A madness that allows them to shame someone for having the discipline to be fit.

My co-worker went on and concluded with the most outlandish statement of all:

“[The son] lost all that weight because it’s the only thing he can control, cause he sure can’t control [the hot mess mother].”

I wanted to say something.  If I had balls, maybe i would have.  But I blog, I don’t have balls!

The words died on my lips.

“If losing weight and being fit is such a glib extension of our psyche that it is merely a way of asserting control, am I to presume that you can lose weight any time you wish and that your revolting physique is just something you choose?  You like having a 42″ [estimated] waist but you could easily bring it down to 24” if you really “wanted?”

Sure, uh huh.