The anti-pageantry of President Trump (or, how to AMOG North Korea).

When President Trump finally visited this city in March, I was struck…astounded…at the low-key, silently masterful timbre of his visit. Absent were the dramatics and stage-show atmosphere of previous Obama visits in which the local news media, leftist sycophants that they are, went off the rails in anticipation with delighted announcements of inconvenient road closures and all other urban modes of disruption which they seemed to enjoy merely because the presence of King Obama was worth it.

When Trump came to L.A., there was minimal fanfare, and what little mention was made was uttered in a very subdued Presidential manner. The Presidential visit was not presented as a shallow spectacle, or celebrity diversion: it was a staid visit by the highest elected official in the country and it lacked all the juvenile antics that his predecessor came to symbolize every time he dropped in (which was miserably often).

Trump breezed through in the night and there were no cameras or flashbulbs or masses of adoring crowds standing at the roadside.

President Trump’s style is powerful, traditional, conservative and authoritative. He is not some cheap Hollywood attention whore tramping out his status to Hollywood’s (((shitbrokers))).

The Trump Presidency is mature, meticulous and long-term thinking. Pleasurable and cushiony headlines are deferred. These people hold their strategies and calculated machinations close to their chests and though they may be berated by the liberal press and MSM mouthpieces clogging this country’s airwaves, they continue to mysteriously perambulate through the minefield of domestic and international diplomacy with long-term goals in mind.

President Trump does not bare his heart to the yammering masses like some needy cuck boy (got that, Barack?). He is President and he doesn’t need to explain his projected route.

He is Alpha and in the old parlance of PUA jargon, he AMOG’d the Norks yesterday. There is an endgame and it isn’t nuclear war.

With Donald Trump, those who support him must take deep breaths and allow his nature to take its course. It’s easy to get impatient and rattled with every blip in the Trumpian path which eludes our immediate knowledge, but we must keep in mind that this is a long road and deviations are the plan, not the exception. Let the rest of the world lose its shit over the guy.

We are strong and resolute and President Trump does not waste his actions or energy.