A Hispanic take on Aaron Schlossberg, and Hispanic Hate, in general.

As a prolific, well-known, iconic blogger, I have been asked, as a Hispanic, my opinion about the infamous Aaron Schlossberg outburst at a New York restaurant earlier this week.

(That lead paragraph was entirely fictional, FYI. Should you suspect an air of dubiousness about it…)

What do I think about it?

Bah, whatever.

There are plenty of people who hate Hispanics. Many, even. They are everywhere (haters, not Hispanics, though that, too, I suppose) and often not quite as “announced” as Schlossberg, but they are there, lurking in the shadows, and the light. of normal every day society. I suspect there are many Hispanic-haters in liberal elitist Hollywood, not that anyone would dare utter such an ethnic misgiving openly. Hispanic Hate is more about classicism or elitism, I believe. I don’t care for the word racism as applied to Hispanics because, obviously, Hispanic/Mexican/Cuban/El Salvadoran/etc, are not races. Hispanics are a conglomeration of global races blended in one whirlpool of societal shittiness. Just like the United States, but with a slightly browner tinge, and whole lot more disorder and corruption.

The thing is, Hispanics are generally less SWPL-oriented and not as likely to entertain the image-conscious nuances of White people everywhere. Hispanics trend downward as a rule. Not super accomplished in the academic or economic arenas, Hispanics aren’t usually seen haunting upper middle class doorways, or the vaunted hallways of elite institutions of learning. Socially, Hispanics do not represent a force that displays the trappings of status conscious Whites and Asians. But Hispanics are not a race and this so-called “racism” that is used to describe Hispanic Hate (or dislike) is likely a disguised sense of elitism and snobbery.

I do not take Hispanic Hate personally as I believe I largely represent that less-known aspects of Hispanics that people do not consider when they hate on Hispanics. Oh wait. I do look Hispanic, so that is one piece of the package I’m stuck with, but everything else breaks the routine perception of Hispanics. What most people hate about Hispanics are things I do not manifest as one. I’m a bit of a coconut, I suppose (brown outside, white inside), but it’s merely because I have never allowed myself to be steered or controlled by Hispanic ethnic signaling and I don’t identify strongly with my lineage and heritage.

Aaron Schlossberg hates Spanish and he hates Hispanic parochialism. Good for him, it’s his right as an American. Granted, the dude, judging by a couple of videos released of his public displays or edginess, do show me a man who is a bit intense, angry and neurotic. Looking at his images, I’m reminded of something I’ve witnessed in Hispanic haters throughout my life. Many of them look Hispanic! I have a theory that many White people who happen to look the least bit Hispanic probably get opened up to in Spanish a lot or mistaken for Hispanic, and it’s this lifelong trail of mistaken ethnic identification that drives these people in the opposite direction, toward Hispanic Hate.


Aaron “Rodriguez” Schlossberg


Does he deserve to be called a racist, or to lose his job for exercising his freedom of speech? Not even. He’s an accomplished man who is obviously a productive and worthwhile contributor to society. We need more people like that, don’t we?

Worst I can say about that guy…he’s a lawyer. Vile creature.