Brandon Zavala, anti-gun crusader, wields micro-fallacies in order to whore out the Palmdale school shooting to bolster his agenda.

There was a pathetic excuse for a school shooting that occurred here in L.A. County’s high desert region yesterday morning.

A 14-year-old shot a rifle at Highland High School in Palmdale after he had a small emotional meltdown in the wake of an argument with his mother.  Luckily, the bullet he fired only grazed another student in the arm. The victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. The shooter left the school and was later arrested outside a nearby grocery store after his parents worked with authorities to help track him down.

The “shooting” is hardly newsworthy,  but given today’s tormented atmosphere of panic and fear-mongering, the initial reports of a high school campus shooting immediately assumed an ominous tone. By 10:30, however, the school lock-down was lifted and normality resumed.

But some social crusaders, lasciviously eying a killer publicity opp of the cheap and dramatic kind, launched into action. Even trivial crap like this was the perfect fodder to inflate into operatic events by which to dramatize anti-gun concerns beyond the realm of all reason and serenity.

Highland High School sits in California’s 25th Congressional District, an area represented by Republican Congressman, Steve Knight.

According to the anti-gun crusading liberal sheep (the sort who bleat in the wake of every incident involving a gun), Knight is a heinous villain for simply accepting donations from the NRA. Knight is a Republican politician.  All I have to ask in retort to condemnations of his NRA ties:  so what?

In fact, the obligatory candlelight vigil sprung up in the matter of hours. Leftists are not the type to sit back and resist the chance to make a scene of devolved hyperbole at every inflamed opportunity.


A candlelight vigil planned for Saturday evening is expected to call attention to that. An organizer of the event said Republican Congressman Steve Knight — who represents the 25th congressional district, which includes Palmdale — has been supportive of the NRA by taking money from the group.

Brandon Zavala, the organizer, said Knight’s response to the shooting itself was also problematic.

“Last night, Congressman Knight called this incident at Highland High School an isolated incident,” he said. “And that’s unacceptable because when you talk to kids in Parkland, Columbine, Sandy Hook — this isn’t an isolated incident.”


Zavala, you moron. It’s an isolated incident in the respect that it was not Congressman Knight who said this, or that it inferred school shootings don’t happen. It was called an isolated incident by Los Angeles Country sheriff Sgt, Bob Boese and he used it in reference to this specific shooting’s isolated nature and that it was not part of a plot or concerted assault by students at Highland High School.

But that’s fine, after all…we’ll just giggle this off.  Zavala is a leftist worrywart homo screwball who indulges in shameless micro-fallacies in order to perpetuate a self-aggrandizing agenda. In other words, another anti-gun nut.  He is the type who hates not only guns but the implied traditionalist, conservative culture that firearms represent.

But a little white lie never hurt anyone, did it Brandon? Thought no one was watching?


Brandon Zavala (Facbook)