Children as “meaning” for this vile thing called Life.

This is a rather clever meme. Despite the fact I don’t agree with it…completely.



There are, undoubtedly, many people who have children for that ethereal reason. And given this as the reason to spawn, I would presume it is not the most effectual manner of procreating.

Many, most, of us, have children in order to perpetuate our heritage, our family, our values and our culture. Perhaps this isn’t how most people would define or articulate their reason to have children, but it is the elemental motivation behind most pregnancies. Perhaps children give us “reason to live” after the fact, but surely, we don’t have children simply for such reason.

And besides, the Ponzi scheme metaphor presumes we all share this “give life meaning” value. A Ponzi scheme is dependent on the fact that everyone shares the same endgame aspiration.  But this is not the case.

Many of us simply don’t believe, or care, that life has any semblance of meaning. Seeking to imbue life with “meaning” by a conscious symbolic act of breeding is selling our significance short. The Ponzi scheme, in this case, dies upon the first entrant into the pool who does not care about squandering “meaning” on this vehicle called life.

Such people will have children for other reasons.  Who’s to say which reason is best, or worst, or most gracious?