Incel Chronicles: sheep gathering round the fire.

I’ve conspicuously (or perhaps, inconspicuously) refrained from writing about the Incel rage that is sweeping the country since the normies began paying attention when Alek Minassian, the “incel terrorist,” ran down and killed 10 people in Toronto on April 24. Since then I’ve witnessed people reacting with aghast dramatics upon learning the mechanics of the Incel phenomenon, courtesy of the MSM which harbors absolutely no agenda (snicker).

The histrionics go something like this:



Much pompous self-righteous shock is feigned and feathers are melodramatically ruffled in rhythmic unison with other like-minded drama artistes. Oh my, they whelp. Their tiny little mouths expand in disdainful sanctimoniousness as they exclaim familiar refrains of soulless shock.

And then the peanut gallery begins chiming in, a perfect dance of harmony and conformity and arrogance and book-licking.



The blind condescension and bullying arrogance are what I find truly “flabbergasting.”  So-called “dickish” behavior does not occur in a vacuum and it doesn’t take even a second-rate Psychology degree to understand that much distasteful behavior (especially in young people) is not a cause or elemental trait, but a reaction, or reflection, to poor treatment from authorities, peers and strangers in general.

The ingratiating patronizing of the masses to be witnessed in this Facebook post spawns mistreatment of those its condemns.

The dirge continues.



Some Eva cunt goes so far as to presume, “White dudes man,” despite the fact many of the high-profile “Incel killers” in the news have not been truly “White” in the sense her victimized liberal ass would rail against. Much of the newest anti-Incel rage is politically-grounded, specifically anti-Trump, as there is a general presumption that Incel-types are one-and-the-same with the alt-right.

The next comment drops a nugget:  he cites an anti-masculinity blog, We Hunted The Mammoth, as an informational reference for the other creatures in this comment string.  “Mammoth,” helmed by fat faggot, Dave Futrelle, delights in triggering the shit out of masculinists and conservatives.

The comments conclude with some chaos queen going on about how she feels “sick” and bemoans the black pill that was just shoved down her throat like a Somalian penis.

This world is so dark.

Yes it is, and your innocuous plodding along that consumerist path won’t begin to prepare you in the least.

And that which you don’t understand, you mock.  Don’t be so dickish!