Real math: (1) imbecile + (1) imbecile = (1) hate crime…video of an unruly encounter in Santa Monica.

A video here of what really, on the surface, is a pretty mundane event here in Los Angeles: an incident of “parking lot rage” involving 2 people who had a precarious (probably vehicular) encounter that left them “at odds” and sparring in a battle of cursing and epithets with some ridiculous unskilled boxing strategies thrown in for good measure.

And this is where the mundane ends.

For in the ring in today’s “brawl” in the Santa Monica College parking lot, I bring you our fighters:  in this corner, an 80-year-old White man with a penchant for old school racialism;  and in the other corner, a 30-something modern urban Black woman whose exposure to racism is most likely composed entirely of ethereal, and apocryphal, anecdotes that exist purely in the Legend of Victimhood.  Good stories but not much in the area of validity.

I bring you the fight, or whatever it is we call such displays of idiocy.



No one is sure what precipitated this street battle, but what is undeniable is that Santa Monica College is considering this a “hate crime.” Figures…I wouldn’t expect anything less of a modern-day educational institution sworn to uphold the values of gooey liberalism.

This is not a hate crime. This is an imbecile crime; 2 imbeciles.

I see 2 morons in this video acting like children and the hate is mutual. If we’re going to parse hate.

The parking lot attendant exerts more effort trying not to laugh than attempting to break up these 2 clowns.

An old man who acts with the wanton, suicidal aggressiveness of a 20-year-old, and a 30-year-old woman who is utterly unable to withhold physical attacks on an old man because her egotistical self-righteousness is more important.

Fucking imbeciles.  Not hate.



Addendum, add 5/4, 0530:


This altercation has taken the internet by “storm.”


 – An 80-year-old Los Angeles man was cited for battery after he shouted racial slurs at a black woman and the two fought in the parking lot of the Santa Monica College Performing Arts Campus, it was reported Thursday.

Police arrived at the scene of the Tuesday night altercation within a minute of getting the call.

Video of the incident showed Frederic Allen Shinerock shouting a racial slur at the woman and telling her “she didn’t belong there,” and to “go back to South LA.” The video showed the man and woman taking wild swings at each other and trying to kick each other as an officer attempted to calm the situation.

SMC Superintendent/President Kathryn E. Jeffery said the school “prides itself on inclusivity and diversity” and they “will take immediate and evident action to reinforce to our students, college community, and guests that there is no room for hate at Santa Monica College.”

The Santa Monica City Attorney’s Office will review the case and determine if further action is warranted.

Not a parking lot attendant!  The real surprise.