Ventura PD vs. Cambridge PD. The difference between choosing to use police resources to confront the Black homeless demon (and not to).

Anthony Mele


In today’s chaotic and violent news stream, where murder and random mayhem seem to shower upon us incessantly, this is an “old” story.

On Wednesday night, Anthony Mele, 35, was eating dinner with his wife and their 5-year-old daughter at the Aloha Steakhouse in Ventura, California. At the moment Mele’s daughter was snuggling in his lap while he playfully kissed her, 49-year-old Jamal Jackson, without provocation, strode into the restaurant and walked resolutely to Mele’s table and simply stabbed him in the neck.  Just like that.

Mele survived the night but died after being removed from life support on Thursday.


Jamal Jackson


Jackson, one of many berserk -looking homeless Black men in Southern California, was certainly not new to the police “radar” this evening.

He was arrested by police shortly after the deadly attack, but it was about 3 hours too late.  The attack could theoretically have been prevented if the Ventura PD had displayed a little more pep to their perp-step and confronted Jackson earlier.  Perhaps if they had acted a little more like the Cambridge, Massachusetts, PD in its own brand of treatment of suspect Selorm Ohene.


Hours before the attack, a bystander called 911 to report Jackson for “yelling” and other disruptive behavior on a beachfront promenade in Ventura, police said. Authorities said they determined he was not a threat and canceled the call for service.

No officers were available to immediately check on him, and police began monitoring him from the command center using security cameras, police said Saturday.

“At the time of the call, patrol resources in the area were assigned to other calls for service,” police said.
When he walked away from the camera’s view, more than 20 minutes later, authorities determined he was not a threat and canceled the call for service, police said in a statement.



Authorities said they determined he was not a threat and canceled the call for service.

Look, if patrol officers are all out on calls, I certainly understand the inability to respond immediately to a vagrancy call, but eventually, police must respond to a civilian complaint instead of relying on video game police monitors to determine the danger level of a suspect who can only be viewed in mono-dimensional context from afar. It’s baffling that Ventura police, based on a surveillance feed, chose to make the decision that a deranged homeless man was not worthy of a response.  It was Wednesday night.  Was incident load so “heavy” that they couldn’t summon a couple of officers to check out Jackson?

Cambridge police responded quickly and with relevant measures of force (which pissed off the usual herd, of course) but ultimately, the deranged Black suspect in that case survived as did anyone else who might not have, but which we can never know.

Are police departments less inclined to abide by the cardinal rule of better-safe-than-sorry when it concerns certain “protected” segments of the population?  Perhaps deterred by rousing wails of the victim class, ie, BLM and wussy SJW’s, they determined they would rather play the odds that the homeless nut case was not dangerous than deal with the repercussions of a high-profile filmed encounter in which their officers would be forced to engage in unsightly tactics for the preservation of life and safety.



This surveillance video is misleading and it is what the police unwisely relied on.

Most importantly, a citizen was compelled to call the police and report that Jackson was behaving erratically enough to be construed as a danger. You experience quite a different aspect of such a person’s behavior up close.

I take public transportation to work a few days a week here through many of the shit parts of Los Angeles and my “on-the-street” observational studies indicate that a majority of the homeless people in this city are Black.  There are many lessons and suspicions to be derived from this “statistic,” but a primary cause is likely the breakdown of family support system to be witnessed in the African-American population.  When people lose their sanity and become a danger to themselves and others, it’s generally implied the family will step in and help the person as much as possible. When your family and social circle is dysfunctional or non-existent, the streets are your safety net.  The homeless Black people I see are mostly pathetic and harmless.  Their main offense is horrendous body odor and nauseating feet (seriously, many don’t wear enclosed shoes).  But there are a few I encounter throughout my commute who truly seem deranged and on the edge of wild; it’s not that they are evil or have harm on their minds, but that they seem to have no behavioral or civilized boundaries and may instantly transition into aggressive carnivore status in which any random person is a target for no other reason than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s not guns I worry about in these situations. It’s screwdrivers, hammers, knives, and all other manners of mayhem and destruction. Or just plain out muscular, uninhibited brawn, for some of them look to possess the strength of a wild chimpanzee.

If Ventura PD had disregarded what that little subconscious SJW voice whispered in their ear and chosen to confront Jamal Jackson early on, a young girl might still have her father today.