Where VOAT???

Well, not to go all sky-is-falling-on-you, but.

This is just a little worrisome.

Normally, if a favorite website is offline, you just casually assume it’s some sort of “technical” problem and you move on to the next entry on your reading list.¬† (Assuming it’s a small “mom and pop” blog that lacks a 404 splash page).

In today’s oppressive thought-controlled Orwellian era which has seen conservative viewpoints stymied by cyber-institutional leftists (even one of my Youtube videos was flagged the other day for offending the almighty community standards uptightspeak), if one of your favorite “alternative” outlets seems to be digitally sputtering, you moan fearfully.

What did they do…are the Powers that seek to control thought exerting their influential malfeasance?


2016PDT, April 18


I’m sure it’s nothing, I thought nervously, when I attempted to raise the very conservative counterpoint to Reddit earlier.¬† ¬†Technical problems….where’s the goat?

Sites go down all the time.