R.I.P. for the old school First Lady who stopped aging a few decades ago.

O’ Barbara, if anyone earned the moniker of “battle-axe,” it was you!

How is it you looked really old in the 1980’s when I was still young, and how was it that in the year 2018, you still looked as old as you did in 1980 and now I’m the old fuck?

In the 80’s you simply looked old way beyond your years. In 2018, you just looked like a very old lady, which you were. How did you not age for almost 40 years?

You were an old school FLOTUS, the kind we sorely miss in this day of big-jawed gender-bending First Ladies and careerist shrill SJW First Whores who would presume to be Queen of the U.S. You were happy to play the role of dignified, demure lady behind the wedded Presidential doors. That’s how you rolled, and some of us appreciate it now. We miss what you were, what you brought, what we’ve lost.

The longing is plaintive.