Who needs Russians or Zuckerberg when you have Netflix-watching zombies doing their part?

Because it’s only a “movie,” we segregate the importance of the dynamic and neglect to consider the collective hypnosis/manipulation dynamic at play. But the perfidious puppet strings are quite obvious.

Who needs Mark Zuckerberg or the Russians when we do quite a swell job of mind control on our own. Money spent analyzing the coercive mind  process of the American public is better spent on dangling carrots in front of its dulled eyes.   Hypnotizing and convincing Americans is low effort.

The headline screamed

This Netflix Horror Movie Has People So Scared That They’re Turning It Off Halfway Through


Good start!

You lulled yet?


If the plot doesn’t do it, how about that great cock-sucking maw? The movie might be worth a try, after all…

The Russians could only hope they have this much sway.