California’s reality bubble and the Left’s new love affair with the anti-Trump state.

California is all the rage, with the Left and the redundantly noted, MSM.

California is the new focus of a fresh round of national love. California is lauded as the future of America. That’s an old hyperbolic Chamber of Commerce-driven selling point that accompanied starry-eyed visions of this place for a long time, but which seemed to have fallen by the wayside, until it was revived during the new President Trump paradigm.

Donald Trump has made California Great Again, if you’re a Libshit.

First, there was this treatise entitled “The Great Lesson of California in America’s New Civil War” a few months ago in which writer, Peter Leyden, a coastal tech California lover from San Francisco, gushed over California’s trailblazing foretelling of the next American century using its droll state politics as its epitome.

Epitome of shit, as far as I’m concerned.

Leyden’s piece of California cheer-leading essentially is confined to that very long sliver of coastal California real estate where the elites flock and from whence they commandeer state agendas from the other side of their gated enclaves and isolated sense of normal human urgency. Leyden celebrates the elites, not California, but he masks these elites as Californians and the idyllic “future” while entirely disregarding the “other half” of the California equation, that divisor that does not live within 10 miles of the Pacific Ocean or drives a high-pitched Tesla to the nearest trendy roasting company.

And now we have The New Yorker jumping on the I-love-the-political-enemy-of-my-political-enemy bandwagon with John Cassidy’s California dicksucking fest entitled, “Some Lessons from California for Donald Trump.” The love continues to be lavished on the Golden State, and this orgy will continue as long as California continues to reactively refute everything the Trump administration does, or puts on the table, however minute or trivial, simply for the sake of refuting a President this elitiliberal state  absolutely abhors.

Cassidy swoons.


Donald Trump lost California by a two-to-one margin in 2016. But the G.O.P.’s problems in California predate him.Photograph by Ethan Miller / Getty
If you’re looking to get away from Donald Trump’s Twitter feed and spend a few days thinking about the direction of this country, you might consider a trip to Southern California, which I visited last week with my family. In many ways, the Golden State represents the American future that Trump—with his white nativism and economic protectionism—is trying to turn back, Canute style.

Once a bastion of Nixon-Reagan Republicanism, California is now among the most diverse states in the country, with Hispanics and Asians making up a majority of the population. The state—the world’s sixth-largest economy—is also increasingly integrated into the Pacific Rim. In Washington, the “pivot to Asia” foreign-policy doctrine is often ridiculed. In California, it is rapidly becoming a reality.

Trump lost California by a two-to-one margin in 2016, and, after taking office, he waited more than a year to visit the state. But the G.O.P.’s problems in California predate Trump: the Party has been in free fall since the nineteen-nineties, when Pete Wilson, then the governor, a Republican, endorsed Proposition 187, a proto-Trumpian ballot initiative that was designed to prevent non-citizens—Hispanic non-citizens, mainly—from using state-provided public services. (The initiative passed in 1994 but was ruled unconstitutional in 1998.) In alienating the fast-growing Latino vote, Wilson helped cast his party into the wilderness for a generation.


Once again, the Leftists are enamored by that sliver of California that holds all the capital and power and thus, dictates the national image of the state’s coastlines and interior though the latter geographic region tends to be steadfastly conservative and unrecognizable as Californian.

Let me tell you.

California is shit. It’s like the dynamic of the abusive husband who torments his wife behind walls but who puts on the happiest, gentlest face in the public arena.   That is what California represents to many of its residents.  One big phony piece of abusive crap posing as an altruistic government for the national eyes.

It is a Third World state in which only a small ratio prosper but which, by virtue of dramatic prosperity, tend to elevate the image of the state to the netherworlds of fantasy and Utopia. The rest of the country sees rainbows and dollar signs and serene oceans of righteous social justice. It’s an act, a facade. All these lovers of California and the futuristic American liberal utopia it “promises” are neglecting one important element: much of the state is dying, destitute, polluted by homelessness, ridden in debt, and all the glorious rah-rah’s designed to cosmetically prop California’s image will deflate once the chickens come home to roost. And they will deflate dramatically when it happens.

California is currently living in a “reality bubble.” Donald Trump, the official state nemesis, provides the fulcrum which politicians here can rail against while pounding their chests like steroid-pumped mice. This state is rife with liberal big-mouths who will turn to simpering piles of manure when the jig is up.  California’s reality bubble provides warmth and succor to the leftist heart but it is smoke and mirrors.   It is a bubble.

There is no future for normal people here. The California National Pep Squad will continue to boast of California’s anti-Trumpism and by extension, its assured triumph in the game of national success, but they will never tell you how grueling the tax burden is in this state for those who don’t make silicon their living. Of how burdened by regulation and fees the state is for those who simply want to earn a normal living and don’t give a crap about the causes the coastal elites “selflessly” impose on this state’s citizen for the sake of virtue-signaling platitudes they can plant strategically on CNN and MSNBC. Of the corruption and hypocrisy that suffuses the Democratic party, from State offices on down to your dog catcher. They won’t tell you about the internationalist shitshow this state has become because you have every damned ethnicity on the planet living here with their own stubborn customs and languages which the state appears intent upon inconveniencing everyone in order to recognize and validate.

Oh well.  Look at the bright side. Our legislators protect us from coffee. What more could we ask for?