Old Dan Zanes SJW article resurrection: it’s OK to be racist, just “less” so…

This kind of willy-nilly racial appeasement grates on my nerves.

The “tutorial” is about 3-years-old, so I won’t pretend this is timely, but it just goes to show how long such an endemic mentality has been to the emasculated American male.

Titled Be Less Racist: 12 Tips for White Dudes, by A White Dude, this consternation piece disclaims hate and prejudice in gooey streams of cynical virtuousness. Twelve tips, wherein a raging white cuck defers in an exaggerated manner to that tiresome female social vehicle of empathizing and talking as their own cure-all tools to exude virtue and quasi-progress in the place of real action.

Author Dan Zanes begins his zany SJW spiel with a sturdy dose of pretentious positivity.


It doesn’t help anyone if I start chastising other white folks for doing the same things I’ve undoubtedly done at one point or another in my own life. Racism has been systematically harming people of color for millennia, and it’s been stripping white people of their humanity every step of the way. For me as a white dude, the process of becoming aware and engaged has been awkward, exciting, heartbreaking, mysterious, and ongoing. Here’s my best advice if you want to join me on the way. Welcome!


Reading Zanes’ piece fills me with a warm swelling of disgust that makes me want to go out and pick some grapes or shine some shoes.  Yeah, bring it on, Zanes!

I see this ploy in the modern workplace. Talk, talk, talk. committees, yapping mouths, talking as a salve to suffering and innate human dysfunction.

In other words, Zanes comes across as an utter bitch as he tries vainly to map out his personal mission to be “less racist.” Look, you either are, or you aren’t. If you’re racist, I doubt you’re troubled by the fact you are; if you’re not racist, you probably don’t think of it much and don’t consider it a noteworthy flag to boastfully wave.

You simply are or aren’t and you don’t need a blueprint in or out. Dan Zanes is playing that simpering cuck game of trying to reason and commiserate his way into the good graces of his guilt-ridden inner monster.

IE, flagrant, fetishistic virtue signaling.

There’s no other reason for a grown to man to write this feel-good sanctimonious dirge about how to be less racist.  In effect, Zanes is telling us it’s OK to be racist, but we should strive to be less so. Do his readers realize the absurdity of such a statement?

Does “less” racist mean that you can like Blacks but not Hispanics?  That you can like Asians but not Blacks? What in the world is less racist? Only a SJW could parse out degrees of a human character trait that they seek to virtue sanctify.

Nothing screams I’M LESS OF A RACIST THAN YOU like a Ukulele and a gray, unkempt bouffant.