Dr. Andre Campbell, Chicken Little M.D., does a little Hogg-inspired grandstanding while treating bullet wounds at Zuckerberg Hospital.


…being a trauma surgeon at a level 1 trauma center in San Francisco does not necessarily negate susceptibility to emotionally scattered thinking and embarrassing lapses into hyperbolic catastrophizing.

I would certainly expect more from a trauma surgeon. Aren’t these people expected to maintain the most searing measure of acuity during stressful, high-pressure moments of life and death?

Dr. Andre Campbell, Chicken Little, M.D., who treated shooting victims after today’s Youtube shooting in San Bruno, California, does not count “nonplussed” as a character strength, apparently. During today’s chaotic scene in the UCSF trauma ward as several victims of the shooting were brought in, Chicken Little, M.D., began shrieking that the sky was falling (in the form of big bad guns, of course). Afterward,  he cried and scolded and typically displayed intolerable levels of petty liberal sanctimoniousness. All scrupulously exuded while trying to save lives.

A trauma surgeon treating victims injured in a shooting Tuesday at the YouTube headquarters in California made pointed comments about gun violence.

“To think that after we’ve seen Las Vegas, Parkland, the Pulse nightclub shooting, that we would see an end to this, but we have not,” said Dr. Andre Campbell, an attending trauma surgeon at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center.

Campbell said gun violence is a problem in the United States that needs to be addressed. He also chided the media for not paying attention to other instances of gun violence.

“Gun violence happens every day throughout the United States. It happens here in San Francisco. It happens in the Bay Area. It happens all over the country,” Campbell said. “But I don’t see you guys out here, because I’d like to make sure that people know that we got a serious problem that we need to address.”

“I don’t have all the answers … at least we’re having a discussion about it nationally,” he said. “This is a real problem.”

“This is a terrible day in the United States,” Campbell said.


OK, enough already. Chicken LIttle, M.D., likes the pulpit a bit much.

Add a gunshot victim to this self-congratulatory virtue-signaling brew and you got yourself a liberal spiel brought to you on the edge of scalpel.