Johnetta Benton, Georgia grade school teacher, makes the case for “Indoctrination Studies.”

In today’s world, it seems every educator has gloriously assumed the role of Official Brainwasher of the leftist paradigm. Our children are the benefactors of such one-sided drivel. Even middle school children, the most pliable of all.

These kids never had a chance. Courtesy of our DNC-shilling SJW teachers, the children learn immediately that the only acceptable ideology is that which the Left preaches.

The latest teacher to get her 15:00 of Liberal fame is Johnetta Benton of McDonough, Georgia.¬† Following a classroom film she showed to her 6th grade Social Studies class in February (unsurprisingly addressing the agenda of Black History Month), Benton went on a tirade in which she blamed White people for the world’s ills.

A sixth-grade teacher has delivered a shocking classroom rant claiming that President Donald Trump wants a return to segregation and accused white students of being the progeny of ‘European’ mass murderers.

Student Josie Orihuela recorded the incident last month at Hampton Middle School near Atlanta, where social studies teacher Johnetta Benton was delivering a lesson for Black History Month.

Josie began recording just after Benton turned off a film the class was watching and pronounced that that ‘Make America Great Again’ could be a precursor to ‘trying to bring back segregation,’ the student told Fox News.

‘He must be talking about when it was great for Europeans,’ Benton says in the recording. ‘Because when it comes to minorities, America has never been great for minorities.’

‘Cuz when I examine history, I can’t remember a time when it was great for anybody other than the Europeans,’ Benton continued.

Another male teacher was heard in the classroom interjecting periodically in support of Benton’s arguments.

When students tried to reply that Trump’s slogan might be a call for a return to stricter legal controls on immigration, such as the nation had before the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, Benton rejected the notion.

‘Because Europeans came from Europe. You are immigrants. You are illegal immigrants. Because you came and just took it… You are an immigrant. This is not your country,’ Benton said.

‘Before you talk about somebody else look at yourself in the mirror, look at your ancestry in the mirror before you start saying “You’re bad, and you’re bad and you’re bad so you can’t come ’cause you happened to have killed a few people” – Well guess what my people have killed millions, not a few. Millions upon millions upon millions – babies and children,’ she said, speaking in the voice of a ‘European’.


I propose that the grade school¬†curriculum of Social Studies be renamed as Indoctrination Studies and subject to parental approval, similar to how “Sex Ed” is handled.

Let’s drop the charade.